Know Their Story

On the morning of Saturday 16th February, 2019 in commemoration of the sexual and reproductive health awareness day, we went to spend a day at Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School. The theme of the day was “Know Their Stories”. We carried out a training to adolescents with disabilities on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. The students also had a chance to share with us their knowledge and experiences on adolescence and puberty. It was a day full of happy moments. The day started with an introduction from our team and getting to know the names of the students. This was followed by a training session where various topics were discussed these included changes in puberty for boys and girls, menstrual hygiene, HIV/AIDS, and gender based violence. Students shared a lot of insights on what they knew and had a lot of questions to ask us. Our team was so happy to give answers and this led to a great discussion full of laughter and joy. This was later followed by cutting of the cake and sharing delicious treats. “When are you going to come back again?”, one of the students asked one of our trainers. What stories do you think others know about reproductive health? Never hesitate to always share yours.