Disability Is Not Inability.


It is very true that disability is not an inability; that came from  the lessons I have learned recently in the ‘Hear my Voice’ Capacity building training. As part of the Linking and Learning activities of the Repro-HERI Project through this capacity building program;  getting to know that even people with disabilities with the necessary support systems kept in place can find fulfilling work, get employed, and even employ other people. It has widened my perspective on what they can do, which is really great.


At the University of Dar es Salaam for example, people with disabilities are given an opportunity to contest for leadership roles where they can get elected and take part in the school leadership committees that adds to the social accountability at the university level. Other different support systems that I got to know about include the “Disabled at Work Channel” which is a women led initiative that helps women with disabilities by providing them with beverages annually that they can sell and develop their own businesses.


I had lessons on how to start and develop a business. Tips were given to us on the necessary steps to follow. It was really great to know that taking these steps seriously and following them through will most likely lead to a successful business. This raised my curiosity and I was noting down everything from an interesting lesson derived to us by Ms. Naomi Shimba; A leadership expert and employ-ability skills facilitator which was centered around how to approach the business sector in Tanzania.


Disability is not inability, taking chances and calculated risks, reaching out to others, and being open minded is all we need. It does not matter how we are or who we are. Being brave and courageous defines who we can be.