I had a great privilege of growing and witnessing an adventurous life with child-friends with special needs. This privilege was offered to me by my parents who passionately dedicated their lives to help children with disabilities and my mother working as a tutor for special needs students.

I always felt that children, adolescents, youths, and women with disabilities need extra attention, love, concern, and care.

In 2016 I got my first unforgettable experience that drove me to work and devote my life to them; a child named John who considered me as his mother as I went to visit him at one of the centers for children with disabilities, he aspired to be a teacher in the future which will move him away from his violent home.

This was the moment that I understood that persons with disabilities not only need love but also enlightenment about the things that are important such as sexuality and reproductive health education and rights. However they face obstacles in obtaining such services.

I believe that everyone has to speak against sexual and gender violence happening to them and around them. Therefore, I decided to pay forward the efforts of my parents by starting this not-for-profit organization.

In the midst of all this inequality that children, adolescents, youths and women with disabilities face I believe that everyone has a central role to play, not only in getting to know them but also improving their lives through bringing services and awareness to the things that they have never been informed about. With them having to get this chance it will have a great contribution in transforming their lives against sexually transmitted diseases and sexual violence.

This is why, I found Disability Repro-Light. I intend for this organization to not only be a source of bringing awareness, justice, and services about sexuality and reproductive health to them but also to transform the lives of adolescents and youth with disabilities and improve their future.

Truly, while I often wish for infinite (or even finite) funding, I enjoy being part of this small, agile organization. We have an amazing group of talented staff members and people who are open to new ideas, who love to devote their time in working for people with disabilities, who are connected to them as friends, and who learn from them every day.

Thanks for visiting us, and I hope that you will have many happy adventures with us.
Dr. Mgolegrace Smart